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Sun6 Application Implementation Steps

This document covers the entire Application Implementation process. Sun6ApplicationImplementation…

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Sun 6.2 Technical Requirements

In the documentation attached you can follow the steps to set up Technical architecture and planning…

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Disposal of Assets (SunSystems v6)

Please follow the steps in the attached documentation to record the disposal. This¬†documentation inc…

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How to set up a voucher number stream (SunSystems v6)

  Sun6 uses Voucher Numbering in association with Journal Types and in lieu of the familiar…

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Differences between SunSystems 5.4 and 6.2

  Although most of the SunSystems processes and procedures work exactly like they always hav…

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Setting up a multi-currency Business Unit v 6.2

  SunSystems provide true dual base currency processing and the ability to maintain different…

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