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How to set up a voucher number stream (SunSystems v6)

  Sun6 uses Voucher Numbering in association with Journal Types and in lieu of the familiar…

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How to set up a Voucher number stream (SunSystems v5.4)

  Setting up a Voucher Numbering sequence involves a number of steps   _How to Cr…

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How to Create a Rule Set (Targeting RSCE_FNCT Pairing)

  The rules will be attached to an existing Event Profile.  We have two profiles of which we…

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Ledger Revaluation Profiles

Overview   Ledger Revaluation revalues selected currency transactions using the exchange ra…

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SDA Accounting Manual

  This is the Seventh-day Adventist Accounting Manual January 2011 Edition     &…

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Fixed Asset Class

  Use asset classes to group together similar assets that share certain data, such as deprecia…

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